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Safe RV Travel with Dogs

by Bella Woof

Driving an RV is one of the most comfortable ways to travel with dogs. When your home is on wheels, it’s easy to bring your pup’s favorite toys and familiar bedding. But there are additional requirements for safe RV travel with dogs. It is important to protect your pet both inside your RV and while parked at a campsite. Here are some of the products I bring along to keep my dogs safe in our RV. For even more dog friendly travel recommendations, please visit my Amazon page.

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Coco, Louie, & Lawrence relaxing in our RV

Dog Safety While Traveling Inside an RV

We all know it is dangerous to leave dogs in hot cars. Although most RVs have fans and even air conditioners, there is always a risk of malfunction. The most important item I recommend for safe RV travel with dogs is a temperature monitor. For peace of mind, I mounted a Waggle on the wall of our van. The battery-powered unit charges through one of the many USB outlets in our RV. If the monitor detects a temperature outside of the comfortable range that I set, I will receive a text alert on my phone. A subscription and cell phone signal are required, but you don’t need wi-fi to receive alerts.

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To ensure safe RV travel with dogs and humans, it is essential that they not get underfoot while driving. Many products designed for cars protect RVs as well. In my particular van, I’ve discovered that Louie & Coco are perfectly happy to curl up in their bed and sleep on the floor. Lawrence likes to look out the side window, so I got him a PupSaver booster seat. The rear-facing seat also comes with a clip for your dog’s harness. While not driving, you can remove the seat and use it as an extra pet bed.

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Dog Safety Outside the RV

Keeping your dog safe outside the RV is important too! The first step is making sure they can’t escape when the doors are open. I set up a collapsible dog pen directly outside the sliding door. This allows me to make sure the dogs are safely attached to a leash before leaving the RV area. It also provides a comfortable place for them to hop out and take a quick pee. I chose a plastic baby pen by Evenflo because it is lightweight and won’t scratch the paint if it rubs against the van.

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Pens are great for safely exiting your RV, but sometimes you want a larger area to hang out with your dogs. This is why I also travel with a pop-up screen room. I chose the 10’x10′ size from Alvanator. This size is considered comfortable for 4-6 people, but Amazon also sells larger or smaller units. The Alvanator screen rooms do not have a nylon floor, so you can set it up on the grass for your dog’s late potty breaks. Never leave your dog in a pen or screen room unattended.

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I hope you find these recommendations for safe RV travel with dogs helpful. Please check out my Amazon page for all our favorite dog friendly travel products!

Dogs traveling in RV

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