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Best Dog Friendly Campgrounds and Inns: North Carolina

by Bella Woof

Unique Dog Friendly Accommodations

If you are looking for some of the best dog friendly campgrounds and inns, I recommend visiting North Carolina. The state is home to more unique, dog friendly accommodations than I’ve seen anywhere else. Here are a few of the best inns, campgrounds (and cottages) in dog friendly North Carolina:

Four Paws Kingdom’s Agility Park

Best Campgrounds and Cottages

Four Paws Kingdom is perhaps the best dog friendly campground in the whole USA. Located in Rutherfordton, North Carolina this unique dog friendly accommodation only allows guests over 18. The campground has more than 40 shady RV sites. Many of their campsites even have fenced yards for dogs. Besides the private yards, there are three large dog parks and two fields for agility and lure coursing at Four Paws Kingdom. A lake is also available for pups who want a water workout. If you don’t have an RV, don’t worry, it’s possible to reserve an equally dog friendly cottage at Four Paws Kingdom.

four paws kingdom campsite
Private dog yard at Four Paws Kingdom

If you are traveling with kids, KOA operates several dog-friendly North Carolina campgrounds. While none of their local campgrounds currently offer individual “Paw Pens” at campsites, they all have fenced-in dog parks. Some of the best KOA campgrounds also offer dog friendly cottages and tent sites for those who want to ruff it.

Dog Friendly North Carolina Inns

unique dog friendly accommodations
3Bs Inn dog park with private runs

While guests can stay at Four Paws Kingdom without a dog, pups are mandatory at the 3Bs Inn. The 3Bs stand for “bed, breakfast, & biscuits” and this unique dog friendly accommodation excels at all three. This Asheville area inn was formerly a motel, so every room has direct access to the outdoors. Their fenced dog park area also contains three climate-controlled cottages with a run reserved for every room’s canine guests. The owners of 3Bs Inn request that dogs be confined safely in these cottages rather than left loose in the room if guests need to go out.

IMG 5158 1
3Bs Inn Industrial Suite

If you want to stay at a dog-centric inn but aren’t able to travel with your “best friend”, I recommend the Park on Main in Highlands. This dog friendly North Carolina inn welcomes people with or without their pups. Guests with four-legged friends can borrow dog beds and bowls during their stay. Complimentary dog toys and Scotty-shaped biscuits are also available. The Scotty dog logo represents Mr. Pickles, the Park on Main’s mascot. He is also the namesake of the dog park located a few blocks away.

Pickles dog park
Mr. Pickle’s Dog Park

All of our top picks for best dog friendly campgrounds and inns are less than a two-hour drive from Asheville, North Carolina. For more information on visiting Asheville with your dog, CLICK HERE. 



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