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Custom Art by Boyarde

by Bella Woof

With dogs named Louie Vuitton and Coco Chanel, you can probably tell I have a passion for high-end fashion. My obsession with designer handbags is right up there with my love of dogs and travel. I have dozens of bags, but two of my favorites feature hand-painted custom art by Boyarde Messenger. The artist is based in London but has loyal clients worldwide.

To have a bag painted with custom art by Boyarde, you must first start with the perfect “canvas.” Naturally, I chose a Chanel tote for Coco’s portrait and a Louis Vuitton backpack for Louie. Using emailed photographs, Boyarde came up with the perfect design for each of my selected bags. Once I approved the designs, I sent my handbags to her London studio for painting.

Boyarde’s signature pop art style lends a fun contrast to more traditional designer handbags. The artist is accomplished in painting on unique textures like Louis Vuitton’s coated canvas and Chanel’s intricate quilted leather. People even entrust Boyard with adding custom art to their most precious, exotic skin Hermes Birkin bags.

art by Boyarde
Coco on Canvas

Don’t have a designer handbag to be painted? Now you can commission Boyarde to create a custom work of art for your wall. Boyarde is currently offering painted canvas and multimedia portraits as part of an exciting crowdfunding campaign. The campaign’s goal is to stage a solo show focussing on Boyarde’s fashion and art. Other opportunities include the sale of the artist’s photography and her personalized, painted bag charms.

For more information, please visit https://www.boyarde.com/

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