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Dog Friendly East Village

by Bella Woof

New York’s Most Dog Friendly Neighborhood

I’ve been visiting New York City with dogs for several decades now. Exploring different neighborhoods, I’ve discovered that some areas are better suited to canine travelers than others. The city has many dog friendly restaurants, hotels, and parks, but often they are spread out and inconvenient. If you are looking for just one New York neighborhood offering everything your pup could desire, head downtown to the dog friendly East Village.

Where to Stay and Play in the East Village with Dogs

The Standard East Village25 Cooper Square

I recommend staying at the Standard East Village hotel to explore New York’s most dog-friendly neighborhood conveniently. The hotel allows pets of any size for no additional charge. You must sign a waiver at check-in, but well-behaved pets can be left unattended in your room. The Standard East Village has several dog friendly dining areas available year-round. It is also a great base for exploring the Soho, and Greenwich Village neighborhoods.

Tompkins Square Dog Run 99 St Marks Place

Just a 10-minute walk from the Standard East Village is dog friendly Tompkins Square Park. The park is home to New York’s first off-leash dog run. Tompkins Square Dog Run is reportedly the largest in the city, with separate areas for big and little pups. The small dog side is quite luxurious, with artificial turf and a lot of shade. Large dogs have more room to run, but the surface is primarily dirt. Both sides have ample benches and clean-up supplies.

Dog Friendly Cafes & Bars in the East Village

Dog friendly cafe in the East Village

Boris & Horton – 195 Avenue A

A few blocks north of Tompkins Square Dog Run, you’ll find Boris & Horton, New York’s first cafe to allow dogs inside. Just place your order at the outside window, then bring your food & drinks inside to the dog friendly cafe section. Feel free to let your pup play off-leash while you chow down on trendy treats like avocado toast. Canned wine & beer are also available for booze hounds.

Besides being a cafe, Boris & Horton serves as an unofficial canine social club. They host activities like puppy portrait sessions, performances, and breed meetups several days a week. One of the most popular events at Boris & Horton is the regular dog friendly trivia nights with Puppy Bowl referee Dan Schachner.

Dog in New York bar

D.B.A. 41 1st Avenue

If you are in the mood for a low-key bar where everybody knows your (dog’s) name, check out D.B.A. This dog friendly East Village bar welcomes pups on the back patio and in the climate-controlled interior. D.B.A. does not serve any food, but people are welcome to bring food to enjoy with their craft beers and cocktails. Rumour has it that the bartender keeps a stash of dog biscuits behind the bar if your pup gets hungry.

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