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Pet Sitting vs. Pet Hosting, what’s the difference?

by Bella Woof

If you’re on the hunt for someone to look after your pet while you’re on holidays, or away for a few days/weeks (or even months), Mad Paws is here to help!

Not only is it a breeze to find someone in your area, but you also have complete peace of mind that your furry friend will receive personalised care… exactly like they’re used to at home.

So you’ve landed on the Mad Paws website and notice there are several services available. From doggy day care to grooming, quick house (and pet) visits, and overnight pet sitting.

When it comes to overnight pet care services, Mad Paws offer pet sitting as well as pet hosting.

…Not entirely sure what the difference is? No worries! 

Let us explain each service to help guide you to the right solution for you and your fur baby!

Pet Hosting Dog WalkingHow does pet sitting work?

Pet sitting is a service that takes place at your home. Where you’d rather have your pet stay in their own familiar environment for the duration of the booking, Pet Sitting is the way to go.

The beauty of pet sitting through Mad Paws means your fur friend can stay in their own ‘safe space’ and have all their creature comforts while you’re away. This option is ideal for pets who may experience stress or anxiety if their routine is disrupted, or if they have specific medical or behavioural needs that require them to remain home.

The pros and cons of pet sitting:

There are lots of advantages to choosing pet sitting, for your pet and also for you!

  • Having the Pet Sitter come to you means you get the benefit of a 2-in-1 service. Your pet is cared for and you have someone looking after your home too! If you’re going away for more than a few days and would prefer not to leave your home unattended, a Sitter helps provide some home security! Giving the appearance that someone’s home can help deter any unwanted visitors who like to take advantage of vacant homes…!
  • For pets who suffer from stress, anxiety or any behavioural issues, having them remain in their familiar surroundings helps minimise any disruption. It also means the Sitter has the benefit of seeing them thrive and be their best self.
  • If a prerequisite for your booking is for the Sitter not to take on any other bookings at the same time, choosing pet sitting means your pet/s are the one and only focus. This is ideal for animals who don’t get along well with others or where they have compromised health in any sense.

When it comes to pet sitting, one factor to consider, compared with pet hosting, is that you may find a smaller pool of caregivers who offer this service. Many sitters are more inclined to welcome pets into their home, so it’s simply a matter of finding the right fit for your needs. With over 40,000 caregivers on our platform, you’re sure to find your pet’s perfect match!

How does pet hosting work?

Pet hosting is where your pet enjoys their own holiday, with your preferred Pet Sitter! If you’d rather not invite a Sitter to stay at your place while you’re away, this is the perfect solution to give your furry friend some company (and care) without the hassle of hosting.

The duration of the booking takes place at the Sitter’s house, which means they have a new environment to explore! The Sitter ‘host’ provides a comfortable, pet-friendly environment and often has other animals, which can be an excellent socialisation opportunity for your pet. 

The pros and cons of pet hosting:

Pet hosting offers heaps of benefits for your fur friend:

  • It’s perfect for social pets who enjoy the company of other animals. They can make friends with the Sitter’s pets and enjoy endless amounts of playtime with their own kind.
  • It’s a great opportunity for them to access new toys, a new space to play, and lots of new sights & smells to stimulate their senses!
  • Pet hosting is also considered a much better experience than booking them into a traditional dog boarding kennel or cattery. In this case, they’re in a home environment where your pet receives personalised care as unique as they are!

With pet hosting, it’s important to make sure that all your preferences are included. A Meet & Greet is a perfect way to ask any necessary questions, such as: 

  • Is your home secure / completely fenced?
  • Do you have any pets, or are you planning to take any other booking simultaneously?

Once you’re satisfied that the environment will be suitable for your pet, you can lock in the booking and expect lots of photos showing your fur baby enjoying their staycation!

Pet Sitting vs. Pet Hosting – what are the similarities?

Whether you choose pet sitting or pet hosting through Mad Paws, you can be assured that your fur friend is in the best hands with our community of Sitters. 

With every Mad Paws service, you can expect:

  • Your pet receives personalised care, lots of playtime, and an abundance of love and attention.
  • Where particular exercise, dietary requirements, and even where any medical support or administration is required, your chosen Mad Paws caregiver will have everything covered!
  • Peace of mind, knowing that your booking is covered under insurance. And our Customer Service team is available anytime to help.
  • Lastly, the best part is the constant supply of photos and updates so you know your fur friend is doing well and having a great time!

Ready to start the search for your pet’s perfect match?

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