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7 outdoor activities to do with your dog in Summer

by Bella Woof

Check out these 7 fun activities to try with your dog, and make the most of the summer sunshine! 

1. Go boating with your furry bestie

Kayaking, canoeing and boating in general is an incredible and enjoyable activity for both you and your furry friend! The versatility of kayaks & canoes accommodates smaller breeds comfortably at the front, while larger dogs can find solace closer to your feet. This water adventure is perfect for exploring inlets, small bays, and slow-moving rivers.

It’s as simple as hiring a boat, canoe or kayak and hitting the open water!

GoBoat have easy-to-drive boats for hire in most states of Australia – no boat license needed! Or, another option for those in Victoria; head to Studley Park Boathouse with your four-legged friend and paddle your way down the gorgeous Yarra River. 

outdoor activities with your dog Kew Boathouse dog friendly 3 hire a boat pet friendly outdoor activities hire a boat pet friendly

2. Try stand-up paddle boarding

Stand-up paddling (SUP) offers a spacious board for your canine co-pilots. Dogs of all sizes can enjoy the ride on the board’s nose. Opt for a calm day on a lake or bay for your initial excursion together, allowing your pup to acclimate to the new experience. If balancing becomes challenging, paddle on your knees to lower your centre of gravity. Consider investing in a life vest for your dog, making it easier for you to lift them back onto the board after an inevitable dip.

3. Enjoy a day at the dog beach 

Embrace the sun, sand, and boundless joy of a trip to your nearest dog beach. As soon as your furry companion sets paws on the soft sand, the exploration begins. The beach offers a vast playground for unrestrained frolicking, digging in the sand, and water play. Dogs of all shapes and sizes revel in the freedom to run unleashed, with their fur flying in the sea breeze!

Check out where the best dog-friendly beaches are near you >

4. Find fun in frisbee throwing

Dogs adore playing with frisbees, providing both pleasure and potential for friendly competition. If your dog is a fan of ball games, why not switch it up and introduce frisbee into your routine? It’s an excellent form of exercise involving running, jumping, and tapping into your dog’s instinct to chase and catch moving objects. For those seeking a more structured challenge, buy yourself a dog disc and delve into the world of Disc Dog competitions, combining physical prowess with artistic flair. 

outdoor activities to do with your dog5. Bond over a bike ride together

For dogs with exuberant energy on walks, cycling can be an ideal activity. Keeping pace with your pedalling will burn off excess energy, promoting relaxation later on. Ensure you choose dog-friendly paths and keep a close eye on your furry companion to make the experience enjoyable for both of you.

6. Skate down the esplanade

Similar to cycling, roller skating, skate boarding and scootering all offer a fantastic outlet for your dog’s energy. Assuming you’re a skilled skater and can confidently control your dog, this activity promises excitement! Opt for traffic-free zones like parks to fully enjoy your skating excursion with your enthusiastic canine companion.

Important note: As well as maintaining temperature, dogs are at risk of burns from pavement when it’s too hot. To tell if the pavement is too hot, if you can’t hold the palm or back of your hand on it for more than 7 seconds, it’s not safe to take them out for a walk.

summer activities with your dog7. Compete against one another in an agility course

Explore the world of agility, a high-energy and competitive sport that not only provides excellent exercise but also builds confidence and new skills for your dog. The obstacle course requires teamwork, with dogs relying on their human friends for directions. While competitive agility involves rigorous training, you can always introduce your pooch to this exhilarating sport and see how you both fare!

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