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The rise of technology for pets

by Bella Woof

Technology for pets is nowhere near as progressive as it is for humans, but luckily a lot of technology developed for pets is designed to improve their safety. Pet cameras, GPS trackers, microchipping etc have all meant we can monitor our pets closely to keep them safe. 

Let’s take a look at the various devices and tech you can use to make caring for pets easier for us and much better for them!

The advantages of technology for pets

Technology is implemented in every corner of our lives, we constantly use it to make our everyday lives easier, faster and often more entertaining. Whilst our dogs can’t use a mobile phone, that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from technology and what it can do. 

technology for petsPet Cameras:

Pet cameras have become a useful tool for many reasons, especially after COVID-19 many pets suffered from separation anxiety, and frankly so did us humans. Pet cameras enable us to watch our pets when we leave them alone so we know they’re safe and not distressed. If they are distressed when left alone, they’re a great tool to help us understand why and implement training and other techniques to help manage our pets’ separation anxiety. 

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waggly club pet smart camera

GPS Trackers:

GPS trackers such as air tags and specific pet trackers on the market help us locate pets in the unfortunate event they get lost or track their movements. Similarly, microchips are logged in a nationwide database to ensure pets are registered to their families. Microchips work similar to a passport, logging where and when the pet has been registered to an owner, rescue etc and helping keep track of their movements. 

rogs pet trackerHow to Use AirTags With Dogs or CatsFetchd pet ID tagTechnology for pets’ medicine:

Veterinary medicine has also come leaps and bounds with the help of technology. From the tools within a vet clinic to revolutionised surgery techniques, technology has helped us make sure our pets live much healthier lives. Laparoscopic surgery with pets has enabled vets to spey pets much more efficiently and with decreased complications and recovery time. Check out this article from Pet Chemist, about the importance of de-sexing our pets.

Behind the scenes, there have also been major developments in the way they test blood (AlphaTRAK is a popular product among Vets to monitor blood glucose levels in pets), analysis for germs, development in treatment etc. Technology has also enabled us to now DNA test pets to determine their breed makeup and genetics! This helps predict and manage health complications, ethical breeding or just being a curious rescue pet parent. 

vet medicinealphatrak3alphatrak2

Automated home essentials:

There are also plenty of pet technologies that you can incorporate into your pet’s everyday life. There’s so much out there nowadays, from automatic litterboxes, auto pet feeders and water fountains, and air purifiers to pet training apps and automatic ball launchers.

Cleaning up after pets and keeping all their things sanitary can be time-consuming. Pet tech products such as automatic litterboxes or air purifiers helps maintain cleanliness and minimise the risks that come with filth. Automatic water fountains are a great tool for dogs, they help keep their water fresh and stop dirt, grime and other residue from building up so fast.

Similarly, air purifiers are great at keeping the air clean from hair, germs, excess moisture etc. Having pets in the home whilst amazing can mean loads of extra germs so keeping the air clean with air purifiers is a great way to manage that. 

pet tech products 2automatic litterboxpet tech products 1

Advancements in toy technology for pets:

Lastly, technology has given us the ability to entertain, exercise and stimulate our pets with ease. Smart toys and pet apps mean that we can meet a lot of our pets’ mental and physical needs at home. Smart toys range from automatic ball launchers, electronic herding balls, toys with built-in treat dispensers and much more. Whilst not perfect for every scenario they’re great to help dogs meet their needs, practice new games, build independence and other skills. Pet apps such as training apps are also a great way to work with your dog to improve their manners, learn new tricks or provide ample stimulation all at home without the time or budget demands of a real-life trainer. 

The future is bound to bring an abundance of useful technology for our pets!



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