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Curcupet-K9, natural remedy for arthritis in dogs

by Bella Woof
Dog's Day Out

Curcupet-K9, natural remedy for arthritis in dogs

Is your dog showing signs of slowing down as they get older? They may be less likely to run after the ball at the park, they may develop a limp, or perhaps just generally find it more difficult getting around.

While we all know arthritis affects many people around the world, it’s also quite a common condition that affects a significant portion of the canine population – particularly in their senior years.

As a pet owner, it’s our duty to care for our pets and give them the most comfortable and happy life possible. Because arthritis in dogs can significantly impact their overall quality of life, although it’s not curable it is manageable.

So if your dog has been diagnosed with arthritis by a Vet, there’s one treatment option that is proven to be a natural remedy for arthritis in dogs – Curcumin.

Arthritis is a degenerative condition that causes the destruction of cartilage until eventually, bone will grate on bone with every movement. It’s estimated that the most common form, osteoarthritis, affects 7.7% of Golden Retrievers, 6.1% of Labradors, 5.4% of Rottweilers and 4.9% of German Shepherds. Furthermore, it’s suggested that more than 50% of diagnosed dogs are aged from 8-13 years¹

Arthritis in dogs causes pain and discomfort in the affected joints, which is why they can exhibit signs of stiffness, limping, and difficulty getting up or moving around. They may be less active and hesitant to engage in activities they once enjoyed. It can even manifest into weight gain and also change in behavior – becoming irritable, withdrawn or even aggressive – as a result of their discomfort.

Another reason why it’s important to treat and manage (and even help prevent) arthritis in dogs is that it can lead to secondary health problems such as incontinence, and heart and lung issues associated with reduced activity.

Curcumin, a natural remedy to treat arthritis in dogs

Natural remedies are a preferred treatment option for many pet owners because of the fewer side effects experienced. 

One such natural alternative is curcumin, a natural compound found in turmeric.

It’s gained attention for its potential health benefits in both humans and dogs! And, while research on the specific effects of curcumin in dogs is ongoing and more studies are needed, some potential benefits for dogs include:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties: Curcumin is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which may help reduce inflammation in dogs with conditions like arthritis or joint pain. It could potentially provide relief from pain and discomfort associated with these conditions.
  • Gastrointestinal health: Curcumin has been studied for its potential benefits in supporting digestive health. It may help manage symptoms of gastrointestinal issues in dogs, such as inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Immune system support: Curcumin may help support the immune system and enhance the body’s ability to fight off infections and diseases.

Natural remedies like Curcumin have gained attention as a more holistic and potentially gentler approach to managing arthritis in dogs.

The benefits of Curcupet-K9, expert joint care for dogs

Natural Joint Supplement for dogs   natural remedy for joint pain in dogs

So what curcumin formulation is best for helping ease the effects of arthritis in dogs?

As Australia’s only curcumin supplement for dogs with arthritis, Curcupet-K9 for dogs has been scientifically formulated to aid joint mobility and flexibility for dogs. 

It’s a clinically researched supplement using dogs (and horses) diagnosed with arthritis and is proven to have a suppressing effect on inflammation.

Curcupet-K9 is easy to administer too! The small, flavourless tablets can be easily concealed in food and feature an easy-to-absorb formulation, meaning your pet can start to feel the effects in as little as two weeks.

natural remedy for arthritis in dogsBut, does it actually work?

With any supplement taken by a human, one could argue that the placebo effect may be present and therefore alter the results. With dogs, however, there is no denying that if they show signs of improvement in mobility and overall health, you’re onto something that works!

If the proven results from the clinical studies weren’t enough, there are many relieved dog owners across Australia who vouch for the results of Curcupet-K9. Read these CurcuPet-K9 Testimonials from happy dog owners and the below messages shared with Sam Hunter from K9Health.

Start your dog on a 2-week trial of Curcupet-K9 for just $10 

Help ease the pain of arthritis in dogs, and give them a new lease on life with. At $10 for 2 week supply of joint care chews, it’s a no brainer! 

Start Curcupet-K9’s 2 week trial now.

“It works a treat.”
curcupet k9 supplement
Hi Sam

This is the second time I have ordered it. I did an experiment and put her on it and noticed a significant improvement in her ability to get up and down. I have waited to see her pain level without it and she is now back to not being able to get up very well. Whilst she was on it before she was able to climb stairs and get up and get up and down. So it helps her significantly with her movements and her pain level and her ability to get up and down from laying position. It works a treat.

Kind regards

“Thank you for your product!”

curcupet k9 arthritis in dogs

Cody, our 13 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback cross

Has displayed a huge improvement since taking two tablets with his meal each night.

He is now able to get up from laying much more easily and is even up to a trot when we take him to the dog park.

Along with his new girlfriend Indiana; our 18 month old Ridgeback, CurcuPET-K9 has given our darling old man a new lease on life.

I have recommended your product to many people.

Thanks again.
Kind regards Allyson


“Nothing short of amazing”
curcupet k9 supplement for dogs

Just have to tell you that my girl has been on the tablets for almost 2 weeks now and the difference in her is nothing short of amazing, can not believe how much of a change it has made for her, no more lameness, we are just amazed at what these CurcuPet K9 tablets have done for her, can’t thank you enough.

Kind regards and many thanks Jan.

Start your dog on a 2-week trial of Curcupet-K9 for just $10 

So, whether you have an older dog who may show signs of arthritis, or a young and active pet who you want to help via preventative measures, Curcupet-K9’s 2 week trial is worth every penny.

¹View research on Nutrigenomic activity of plant derived compounds in health and disease: Results of a dietary intervention study in dogs



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