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Pet Sitter or Dog Boarding Kennel, what’s the difference?

by Bella Woof

While a dog boarding kennel or cattery can be suitable for some pets, there isn’t one animal that wouldn’t benefit from the personalised care a Pet Sitter can provide. So how to choose the right fit for your furry friend?

In this article, we explore the difference between a Pet Sitter and a traditional dog boarding kennel or cattery…

Picture this: Your pet, nestled comfortably in their own home or a cosy Pet Sitter’s place, surrounded by familiar sights and smells. This is the ideal setting for your pet, as it minimises environmental changes, which is key to their well-being. Pets are creatures of habit, and any significant change in their surroundings can be stressful. With a Pet Sitter, you’re ensuring that your furry friend experiences as little disruption as possible.

Pet Sitting presents 3 key components: minimal environmental changes, maintaining a personalised routine, and a bond. 

adopt a petMinimising changes in the pet’s environment

Pet’s behaviour is extremely influenced by the environment, therefore the goal is to have as few environmental changes as possible. The environmental changes are minimal in their own home or in a Pet Sitter’s home, which is ideal for the pet. The Owner not being present is a very big environmental change to start with, so anything beyond that is going to cause excess stress to the pet. 

When Pet Sitting in the pet’s home, you’re minimising environmental changes as much as possible. It’s also ideal for maintaining their exact routine. Although maintaining their routine is also possible in the Pet Sitter’s home (Pet Hosting), the pet is in an unfamiliar environment. However, the biggest benefit in both these services is that you offer a personalised routine rather than adjusting to the routine and schedule of a large facility. 

Personalised care and routine

One of the standout advantages of choosing a Pet Sitter is the ability to maintain your pet’s exact routine. Whether it’s their meal times, playtime, or bedtime rituals, a Pet Sitter ensures that your four-legged friend continues with business as usual. This personalised routine is a game-changer. Unlike large facilities where pets must adapt to a predetermined schedule, a Pet Sitter caters to your pet’s individual needs. 

Less risk of exposure to infectious illnesses

In a Pet Sitter’s care, your furry friend enjoys a one-on-one experience. This means limited contact with other animals, greatly reducing the risk of exposure to infectious illnesses that can spread in group settings, like kennels.

Ticks and fleas are highly contagious. If one dog in a kennel is infested, there’s a risk of the parasites spreading to other dogs through close contact. This can lead to multiple dogs becoming infested, resulting in discomfort and potential health issues. Same goes for ringworm – being highly contagious, it can spread through direct contact with an infected dog or even via shared (contaminated) surfaces. Dogs in close quarters at a boarding kennel are at risk of contracting the infection if proper precautions are not taken.

A Pet Sitter becomes a trusted companion

Pets thrive on companionship and affection, and a Pet Sitter provides just that. They not only care for your pet’s physical needs but also offer the invaluable gift of a special one-on-one bond that grows with each visit. Your pet becomes more than just a client; they become a cherished companion to the Pet Sitter.

How to choose the best Sitter for your pet

With an online platform like Mad Paws, you’ll have the luxury of an abundance of choice. Searching for a Pet Sitter in your local area, that can offer everything your pet needs, is as simple as a few clicks!

To help find and select the best Pet Sitter is crucial decision to ensure your furry friend receives the care and attention they deserve.

Here are some key factors to consider when making your decision:

  1. Services offered: When reviewing the Pet Sitters in your area, check what specific services they offer – overnight stays at their home (pet hosting), pet sitting (at your/your pet’s home), dog walking, dog training, doggy day care, house visits, or even dog grooming. And, do you need any additional support, such as pick-up or drop-off service? Their profile will highlight the inclusions of any given booking and/or any ‘extras’ they offer their clients.
  2. Reputation and Reviews: This is always a good place to start. On their profile, check their past reviews. A Pet Sitter with a positive reputation and satisfied clients is a good sign of reliable service.

  3. Experience and Qualifications: Assess the Pet Sitter’s experience with different types of animals, especially if you have a specific breed of pet or an exotic pet. Certification or training in pet care and first aid can also be valuable.

  4. Insurance and Bonding: Ensure the pet sitter has liability insurance and bonding. This protects both you and the pet sitter in case of accidents or unforeseen circumstances.

  5. Meet and Greet: Arrange a meeting with the Pet Sitter before hiring them. This allows you to assess their demeanour, professionalism, and how well they interact with your pet.

  6. Emergency Plans: Find out about their emergency protocols. What would they do in case of a pet health emergency or other unexpected situations?

  7. Communication: Monitor whether the Pet Sitter is responsive to your initial enquiries – this will help determine their communication levels while your pet is in their care.

  8. Pet Compatibility: Find out if they have experience with your specific type of pet, its breed, and any special needs or behaviours it may have. This is not always crucial, as your gut will give you a good feeling even if they don’t have a wealth of experience, but it can certainly help provide the best care.

In conclusion, while kennels and catteries have their place, the personalised care offered by a Pet Sitter makes it the superior choice for Australian Pet Owners. Choosing a Pet Sitter is choosing the very best for your pet’s well-being and happiness. So, why settle for anything less? 

difference between pet sitting and traditional boarding kennels

difference between pet sitting and traditional boarding kennels



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