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Top 10 rarest dog breeds in America

by Bella Woof

With over 63 million households living in the United States that include a dog as a member of the family, America's most popular pet has definitely earned the title of man's best friend.

This much-loved family dog ​​comes in all shapes and sizes, from mongrels to mongrels to purebreds, but this woman created her own breed in search of the perfect pet.

However, while some varieties are extremely popular, others are on the verge of obscurity in America. Each year, the American Kennel Club (AKC) sheds light on the canine tapestry by releasing a numbered list of recognized breeds ranked by popularity among the 199 registered breeds.

New data for 2022 reveals the top 10 rarest dog breeds in America, some of which you may have never heard of.

American Kennel Club 2022 Data. Each year, the AKC releases a list of dog breeds ranked by popularity based on registration statistics.

At the other end of the spectrum, AKC's latest statistics on popular dog breeds for 2022 rank the French bulldog as America's top dog breed, followed closely by the Labrador retriever and golden retriever.

2021 marks the first time since 1991 that the Labrador failed to take the top spot among popular dog breeds, losing out to the French Bulldog.

But why are some breeds more popular than others? said AKC Vice President Brandi H. Munden. newsweek: “That's a great question, but there's no one answer. Some breeds were once very popular, but now it's not because of their breeding patterns. For other breeds, it's because of lifestyle or The question can be what it takes to own a dog.

“Each of the dog breeds we recognize are wonderful in their own ways, but they may not be the perfect fit for your family. Before deciding on a new pet, learn about different dog breeds. I encourage you to learn.”

rare dog breeds
Clockwise from top left, file photos of rare breeds such as the Cesky Terrier, American Foxhound, Sloey, Belgian Lakenois, Norwegian Lundehund, and Azawaku.
Sue Thatcher, Mary Swift, Rosafly, Catherine Doomey, Capture Light, Julie Alex K./Getty Images

10. Pyrenean Shepherd

Native to the mountains of France, the Pyrenean Shepherd is a small herding dog known for its agility and keen intelligence.

Despite being known for their affectionate and family-friendly nature, they are listed by the AKC as the 10th rarest breed in the United States.

9. Cesky Terrier

Hailing from the Czech Republic, the Cesky Terrier is a rare breed of dog with a silky coat and gentle demeanor.

With short legs and only about 13 inches tall at the shoulder, this breed is one of the rarest dog breeds, with only about 600 left in the United States.

8. Sussex Spaniel

People joke that they look like a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Torpedo, but you may have never laid eyes on this elusive Sussex Spaniel.

As its name suggests, it originates from the county of Sussex in England, and its wavy coat and large hazel eyes give it a brooding look, in stark contrast to its cheerful and friendly nature.

7. Harrier

A medium-sized hunting dog, the Harrier looks a bit like a Beagle with a gym membership. Closely related to another dog on this list, the English Foxhound, this dog was first bred to chase rabbits in medieval England.

Good with children and other dogs, and affectionate towards family members, this breed was first recognized by the AKC in 1885, but remains unpopular in the United States.

6. Azawaku

Originating from ancient West Africa, the Azawakh was officially recognized by the AKC in 2019.

Pronounced “as-a-walk,” this lean, muscular dog with a short tan coat is becoming increasingly popular as a companion pet in the United States.


The image above, provided by Statista, shows popular dog breeds in the United States.

5. Lakenois, Belgium

A closely related Belgian herding dog, the Belgian Lakenois (pronounced lac-in-wah) is one of only four native breeds in Belgium.

Officially recognized by the AKC in 2020, the American-Belgian Laquenois Society was founded in 1995 and has just 163 members.

4. American Foxhound

Despite its connection to America's Founding Fathers, the American Foxhound ranks at the lower end of the popularity spectrum.

Known for their hunting and athletic ability, they require a lot of attention and exercise, which may mean their numbers are sparse in modern homes.

3. Sloey

With a history spanning centuries, the Sloi originates from North Africa and is known for its elegance and loyalty.

However, this breed arrived in the United States in 1973, and although it was recognized by the AKC in 2016, it is still an extremely rare breed with only a few breeders in the United States.

2. Lundehund, Norway

Naturally, the Norwegian Lundehund is famous for its unique anatomical features, including its extra toes and incredible flexibility.

1. English Foxhound

The rarest dog breed on the list, the versatile and sociable English Foxhound is a cousin of the American Foxhound. Officially recognized in 1909, they are known for being friendly, sociable, and great with children.

The rarity of this breed is often thought to be due to its unfamiliarity with the American public, which favors the American Foxhound.

Of course, a breed's popularity has nothing to do with its suitability as a pet. Munden explained that the right breed depends not only on the dog but also on the person. “Many dog ​​owners are looking for a breed that has size, predictability, temperament, exercise level, and is compatible with children,” she says.

“This is why we see such an affinity for breeds like Labs and Goldens. Generally speaking, certain breeds are part of the cultural zeitgeist, and people are drawn to them. He will.”

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