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A woman takes her dog to the groomer, but doesn’t notice the dog coming out.

by Bella Woof

An American woman decided to take her dog to the groomer for a “quick trim.”But when she went to pick up the puppy, she was in big shock and she didn’t recognize the dog at first

Carly’s pet Samoyed named Nanuk before her haircut(Caters News Agency)

A woman has revealed she no longer recognizes her dog after a drastic haircut.


Carly Coca, a Florida resident, took her 7-year-old Samoyed named Nanuk to a local groomer for a “grooming,” but there was a communication breakdown along the way.


When the 28-year-old came to pick up her fluffy white dog, she was surprised to find he was completely bald. Additionally, you will need to wear sunscreen until your cat grows fur.

Samoyed dogs like Nanook have thick white fur(Caters News Agency)
Kali couldn’t recognize Nanook after her haircut.(Caters News Agency)

Nanook ended up looking more like a British bull terrier than a Samoyed, but luckily Carly was able to see the funny side of the situation.

The occupational therapy doctoral student remembers walking straight past the groomer when he came to pick up Nanuk.

“When I picked up Nanuk from the groomer, I literally said out loud, ‘That’s not my dog.’ The groomer was adamant it was Nanuk and had to call to confirm. “It wasn’t, but it looked like Nanuk,” she said. It’s a completely different breed. ”


Carly added: “Nanouk seemed to like the haircut and was acting very proud of it, but it was a huge shock because he had never seen him look like that before.” I did,” he added.

“I couldn’t stop laughing. I remember saying, ‘Can you cut the long hair off his legs and ears?'” The man who groomed him went about his business. It was really bad because I was so proud. So he felt he had no choice but to laugh and leave it alone. ”



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