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A rescue dog's special place breaks my heart when I need some “me” time

by Bella Woof

One woman discovered a special place her dog likes to go when he needs a little “me” time.

Christie, who is from Texas, adopted her other canine companion, Havanese Clover, in September 2020. “We had an old English sheepdog named Winston, and he loved small dogs,” Christie said. newsweek. “From the moment we got her, she instantly became the boss of her house.”

Clover is a sweet and affectionate pup companion to Christy and her family, but she's very vocal when she's not happy with things. “She's very talkative when she wants a hug or when she wants me to move over,” Christie said. “She's also a very cranky sleeper and complains if you move her girlfriend by mistake.”

But recently, since a new foster dog arrived at the house, Clover has begun to express her feelings in a completely different way.

Having a playmate is an important part of a healthy dog's life. A study of 21,000 dogs published in the journal Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health found that dogs that enjoyed regular social interaction with other dogs were more likely than dogs that had less social interaction. It was also found that they tend to be in good health.

But every dog ​​seems to need a break and some time to themselves from time to time. At least, that's what Christie has discovered about Clover at this point. “Clover has been wanting to go outside and sit on the porch more often lately and have some 'me' time,” she said. “I think it's to get away from other dogs because they always want to play.”

Clover the dog is thinking.
Clover the dog enjoys a moment of reflection. She has a special place she goes to get away from it all.

Christie managed to capture one of Clover's recent timeouts on camera. In this clip, the small dog is seen sitting on the porch looking across the road, getting a little air, and enjoying a moment of reflection.

She doesn't seem sad or angry, but clearly wants to have some time to herself. Christie posted the footage on TikTok because she “thought it was really cute,” but she said it was also something she could completely relate to.

“We all need a little time to ourselves,” she wrote alongside the footage. The internet agreed. One viewer wrote: “My older child does the same thing. I don't think he can hear me when I call him,” while another described Clover's actions as “very sweet”.

“She's adorable and such a girly girl,” added a third.

With the busy Christmas holiday season approaching, Clover will likely be taking a few more trips to her special place. who knows? She may find a few human companions standing there with her, enjoying her breather.

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