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Farm Hounds Dog Treats and Chews – Top Dog Tips

by Bella Woof

If you follow my product reviews, you know that I am always looking for healthy treats and chews for my dogs. Farm Hounds dog treats and chews piqued my interest because they claim that every product they make is traced directly to the small farm the ingredients come from.

I didn’t think so at first, but after doing some research, I think Farm Hounds is the most transparent company I’ve ever worked with in the pet industry! They really put the farm name on every product they make.

You can find a list of their farm partners and find all the details about each farm on the company’s website. If you’re as skeptical as I am, keep reading this article for all those details.

Farm Hounds Dog Treats and Chews Review

Farm Hound Dog Treats

All products made by Farm Hounds are made from 100% raw animal ingredients, simply dehydrated. No grains, fillers, salt, sugar, glycerin, synthetic vitamins, or other artificial ingredients. Ingredient sources are raised without pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals.

As I mentioned, Farm Hounds keeps their ingredient sourcing completely transparent by putting the name of the farm where the ingredients were sourced on each individual package. If the package says Top Dog Tips Farm, for example, then 100% of that product was sourced from Top Dog Tips Farm.

In an age where companies are always trying to find loopholes and deceptive ways to advertise their products, it’s refreshing to find a company that just wants to offer quality dog ​​treats with a direct link to the farm that provides the product. You can find information about all of their farm partners directly on their website.

No matter where it comes from, all Farm Hounds dog treats and chews are 100% dried animal products only. They are free of grains, fillers, salt, sugar, and glycerin. Their products have no synthetic vitamins, artificial ingredients, pesticides, growth hormones, chemicals, or antibiotics.

Farm Hounds offers a variety of dog treats and chews including:

  • cowhide chips – from $6.99
  • pig tongue – from $3.99
  • chicken neck – from $2.99
  • turkey neck – from $6.99
  • turkey gizzard sticks – from $14.99
  • Chicken gizzard sticks – from $14.99
  • beef trachea – starting at $3.99 and up
  • pig heart – from $14.99
  • beef spleen – from $14.99
  • beef heart – from $14.99
  • Rolls of bovine skin with hair – $7.99-$27.99

While these aren’t the cheapest dog treats and chews on the market, you do get what you pay for. Farm Hounds understands that most pet owners are on a budget, so they also offer leftovers starting at $1.00 each. They also have scratch and dent products that are cheaper than traditional products (they just don’t look perfect).

I have tried dozens of dog treats and chews. I did find some good products, but I found more poor quality products than safe and healthy options. Farm Hounds dog treats and chews are not only safe and healthy for your dog, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing exactly where the products come from.

In my opinion, these are some of the best dog treats and chews I have ever seen. Farm Hounds is a trustworthy company that provides its customers with quality products at a fair price. While they may not fit every budget, these treats and chews are high quality.

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