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Therapy Dogs at Hospitals – Alliance of Therapy Dogs Inc.

by Bella Woof

Being a hospital patient can feel isolating. While you are recovering, your physical and emotional health can take a toll. That’s why we have our therapy dogs visit hospitals!

At Alliance of Therapy dogs, we help to share smiles and joy. Learn more about the impact of having therapy dogs at hospitals. 

How Therapy Dogs Are Used In Hospitals

Therapy dogs are becoming increasingly popular in the healthcare sector. They help provide companionship and comfort to hospital patients and staff. Certified therapy dogs are accompanied by their handlers at the hospital. Together, the therapy dog team visits hospital rooms and interacts with patients in a supportive and calming way.

At Alliance of Therapy Dogs, our handler and dog teams follow our rules and regulations to help keep everyone safe. Not sure if a team is official? Our handlers have an ATD membership card and our therapy dogs can be identified by ATD’S signature red heart tag.

How Therapy Dogs Help Patients Cope In The Hospital Environment

Our furry friends provide an emotional connection with hospital patients that can help them cope with their current medical situation. If a patient is feeling stressed, scared, or in pain, being around an animal can help soothe their worries. Therapy dogs can also offer physical comfort by allowing patients to pet them, which is known to reduce blood pressure and anxiety. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder why therapy dogs are increasingly welcome in healthcare settings!

How Therapy Dogs Help Hospital Staff

It’s no secret that working in a hospital can be overwhelming. From long working hours to providing support to patients and their worried families, stress can affect hospital staff morale. That’s why having therapy dogs in the hospital is a great way to boost their moods and support staff health. It gives them a chance to take a break and soak in the benefits of pet therapy.

Therapy Dogs At A Hospital Near You

Are you a medical professional or a patient’s family member interested in having therapy dogs visit a hospital near you? Or are you wanting to learn more about our therapy dog work? Contact our ATD office for more information. We’d be happy to be part of a pawstive partnership!

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