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Take Your Dog To Work

by Bella Woof

National Take Your Dog To Work Day is a yearly celebration in June that encourages people to bring their dogs to work with them. It typically takes place on the first Friday after Father’s Day and has been a huge hit since its inception. Dog owners usually have a wonderful bond with their furry companions and being able to bring them to their office presents a unique opportunity for many people to benefit from the paws-itivity!

Read on to learn more about the positive impact of taking your dog to work and tips on how to create a safe office space for your dog.

The Benefits of Taking Your Dog To Work

  1. You and Your Dog

Taking your dog to work can be comforting for both you and your pup. Spending time with your dog is not only a natural stress reliever, but office dogs also force owners to take intermittent fresh air breaks during the workday – something that the typical office worker is sorely lacking!

If you are someone that spends long hours at the office, your dog may feel lonely if left at home all day, especially in those early puppy years. By bringing your pup to work, they will have increased socialization and opportunity to be walked.

BONUS: Bringing your dog to work eliminates the potentially high cost of doggy daycare or hiring a dog walker.

  1. Your Colleagues

Dogs in the workplace can improve employee morale, reduce stress levels and create an enjoyable work environment. It’s like having a mascot for your office. Some of your co-workers may not have dogs of their own, and seeing a wagging tail can brighten their day. Taking breaks throughout the workday is important for your colleagues, too, and having a dog at the office can mean time to play with the dog and destress, as well as a chance to take the dog for a walk outside. With just a short dog break, office employees can benefit both physically and mentally.

  1. You and Your Colleagues

Dogs can improve communication and employee bonding. People with dogs seem approachable, which can be an asset if, say, you are encouraging an ‘open door policy’. Having your dog nearby may spark conversations with team members you’ve hardly met and could even lead to exciting collaborations. Maybe they didn’t know you were an animal lover but that conversation evolved into a shared vision for an innovative new project. 

Making The Office A Safe Place For Your Dog

If you plan to take your dog to work, you need to make sure it’s pet-friendly and safe. But what exactly should you be looking for? Here are a few suggestions to get you started!

  1. Is the building pet-friendly?

Some buildings may not allow pets for insurance-related reasons or health violations. 

  1. Is my office pet-friendly?

Of course, you need to know your company policy on office dogs before you bring your furry friend in. Additionally, it’s a good idea to let your colleagues know that you are thinking of bringing your pup into work with you, in case they have allergies or are uncomfortable around dogs.

  1. Will my dog be overwhelmed?

If there are going to be known stressors at your office, consider leaving your pup at home. Some examples are: If your colleagues will also be taking their dog to work. Or if there are loud noises, like temporary construction, that might stress your dog out.

  1. Am I prepared?

You will also need to bring your pet supplies into the office. This includes a water bowl, poop bags, a leash, dog treats, and a dog rawhide or toy to keep them occupied. 

  1. Is the space hazard-free?

You also need to make sure the office is a safe environment for your dog. Obvious hazards to watch out for are free-standing bookshelves (easily tipped), plants, the office water cooler, and any cables that your dog may be tempted to play with.

Therapy Dogs In Your Office

It is important to note if you are bringing your therapy dog into your place of work and you are “on the clock”, our ATD insurance does not cover them. The liability insurance coverage is for handler/dog teams in a volunteer capacity only. Taking your dog to work does not count as a volunteer visit because it is during your paid working hours. 

Of course, your company can also arrange an official Therapy Dogs event, should they be interested! We also encourage our Alliance members to share smiles and joy alongside their canine companions, whether or not they are in volunteer, office, or casual mode!

If you need additional clarification please refer to our Rules and Regulations section in the Members Handbook.

National Take Your Dog To Work Day

By participating in National Take Your Dog To Work Day, employers can create a more pet-friendly workplace and promote a healthier work-life balance for their employees. You can also talk to your Human Resources department about bringing dogs into the workplace.

If you do bring your dog to work, make sure to check your dog’s body language for signs of discomfort or stress. It’s also a good idea to have a backup plan, in case you need to leave the office for a meeting or need to take your dog back home. Otherwise, enjoy the benefits of having your best friend in the office.

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