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Therapy Dogs At Funeral Homes

by Bella Woof

There can be a delicate atmosphere present at funerals. Emotions like grief, loneliness, and sadness can take over, leaving bereaved people in a vulnerable state. While grieving can be overwhelming for some, therapy dogs at funeral homes can help provide comfort during this difficult time.

The Benefits of Therapy Dogs At Funeral Homes

While certified therapy dogs are not considered service dogs (who have the legal right to be in public places), they can visit funeral homes for moral support. They can also attend any funeral planning discussions and remain by the side of those who are grieving as they discuss funeral arrangements. Their role is to provide unconditional love and solace.

Therapy dogs and their dog handlers will stay near the bereaved at the funeral service. If the bereaved feels up to it, they can pet the therapy dog, which can help ease stress and anxiety. If a funeral guest would like to pet the therapy dog, they can ask the handler for permission. The guests may also feel a strong feeling of grief so they too can get support from these canine companions.

Therapy dogs at funeral homes are especially beneficial to children and teenagers. Children may not have the vocabulary to express their grief and some teens may not feel comfortable expressing their emotions in public. Therapy dogs can give them someone to talk to and be a calm and welcoming presence.

Partner With Alliance Of Therapy Dogs

Funeral homes have started to recognize the value of having a therapy dog present at funerals and memorial services. Our certified therapy dogs can provide comfort to those who are coping with the loss of a loved one. Our therapy dog teams will remain calm and avoid disruptions during the services. Most importantly, our dogs are insured and the visits are at no cost.

Are you a funeral home employee interested in having therapy dogs visit a funeral home near you? Or are you wanting to learn more about our therapy dog work? Contact our ATD office for more information. We’d be happy to be part of a pawstive partnership!

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