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Sydney Sweeney's Dog Tank Gets Some Very Special Privileges … – TheThings

by Bella Woof

While Sydney Sweeney has done an exceptional job ensuring that her fans are mostly unaware of what really goes on in her private life, there’s been a lot of buzz about it. This includes her unproven affair with her co-star Glen Powell on the set of their romantic comedy in Australia. Then, of course, there’s her virtually unknown fiance, who, up until May 2023, has almost never appeared at any event with her.

But one relationship in the Reality star’s personal life is clear as day… The one she shares with her adopted dog, Tank.


While it’s unclear how extravagant Sydney Sweeney’s life is, there’s no question that her dog is pampered to an unbelievable degree…

When Did Sydney Sweeney Adopt Her Dog, Tank?

Sydney Sweeney adopted Tank in 2015, as evidenced by her January 2018 Instagram post where she wishes her pup a happy birthday. Sweeney had grown up with dogs in her hometown of Spokane, Washington. According to CheatSheet, the Sweeney family had a German Shepard until the future actor was 13. Upon its passing, Sweeney was craving another dog. However, her parents didn’t want to have another dog.

After a few years, Sweeney had enough. While she was visiting her great-grandmother in Arizona, Sweeney happened upon an animal shelter. This is where she found a pitbull mix puppy.

Via: Sydney Sweeney’s Instagram

“There was this little tiny baby and she was adorable, so I took her I was like, I’m gonna save this little thing,” Sweeney said during an interview with Elle UK.

She drove baby Tank home and put her on the bed. This is where Tank waited for Sweeney’s parents when they arrived home. While Sweeney’s father loved the dog immediately, her mother, who she later threw that “controversial” birthday party for, was absolutely irate.

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“I got in so much trouble,” Sydney Sweeney said in an interview with Palm Springs Life. “More trouble than I have in my entire life.”

Sweeney and her mother agreed that Tank was 100% the aspiring actor’s responsibility. And Sweeney has lived up to that promise ever since. She even took Tank to school with her when she was just a puppy.

Sydney Sweeney Reality screening for HBO
Via: Instar

“Tank’s been my best friend for almost six years now. I rescued her when she was just a lil baby. I couldn’t imagine my life without her, or her not having a home,” Sweeney Tweeted in 2020.

Why Did Sydney Sweeney Call Her Dog “Tank”?

Like all big dogs, Tank grew swiftly. And this is precisely what Sweeney wanted. After all, she named her dog “Tank” because she wanted her to grow into one. Although Tank didn’t end up being as big as Sweeney thought. But during an Instagram Live, the White Lotus star said that Tank is “the perfect size to travel with”.

Tank Sydney Sweeney's animal
Via: Sydney Sweeney’s Instagram

“She’s also big enough to go for hikes and go swimming. She was in the lake with me,” Sweeney continued. “She loves hiking. She’s an amazing hiking buddy.”

How Sydney Sweeney Spoils Her Dog Tank

There’s no doubt that Sydney Sweeney’s dog lives a pampered and luxurious lifestyle. For starters, Tank has her own little backpack which Sweeney uses both for everyday purposes as well as when Tank gets to travel around the world with her.

Sydney Sweeney shopping with dog
via Instar

In Refinery29’s “What’s Inside Euphoria Actress Sydney Sweeney’s Bag”, it was revealed that Tank carries a number of important items around with her.

“Tank always has a backpack. She has a backpack in my car. She has her very own travel backpack, and then she has like her hiking backpack,” Sweeney explained in the video. “Tank’s backpack always has poop bags, some treats, and some of her favorite toys. It’s actually really hard to find dog backpacks, but she travels a lot with me so I always so I always like to have her backpack.”

Sydney Sweeney with her dog Tank
Via: Sydney Sweeney’s Instagram

Sweeney also makes sure to have fun treats for Tank to chew on, including donut cookies from Petco. Then, of course, is Tank’s favorite squirrel toy.

But all of this seems pretty pedestrian when compared to how Tank gets to enjoy some of the exotic places Sydney Sweeney gets to film.

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According to her Instagram, Sweeney takes Tank to the majority of her sets. This includes the first season of Euphoria, Amazon Prime’s The Voyuers, which was shot in Montreal, Canada. During the times when Sweeney is unable to travel with Tank, such as when she shot her romantic comedy with Glen Powell in Sydney, Australia, her fiance, Jonathan Davino takes care of her.

Davino has been spotted on runs with Tank, making it clear that he too has a special bond with the dog.

Sydney Sweeney on set of her movies and tv shows
Via: Sydney Sweeney’s Instagram

Tank is a certified celebrity in her own right. Not only has she been pampered on the sets of Sweeney’s shows and photoshoots, but Tank has also been featured in various ad campaigns alongside her owner.

So, between extensive travel, high-end accessories, and full-on celebrity status, it’s clear Tank is one spoiled pup.

Is Sydney Sweeney’s Dog A Service Animal?

At the time of this writing, it is unknown whether Tank actually has a service dog status. However, according to June 2023 images published by Just Jared, Tank was wearing a service dog vest when arriving at LAX after Sydney Sweeney’s Cannes Film Festival appearance. Meaning that Tank likely accompanied Sweeney and her mysterious fiance, Jonathan Davino, to France for the event.

Sydney Sweeney hot modeling
Via: Sydney Sweeney’s Instagram

There’s no evidence to support the fact that Tank is a certified service animal. Although, Sweeney has spoken about having anxiety and battling some mental health issues before. So, it’s not entirely absurd to suggest she’d have a service animal. But there’s just no confirmation on this.

So, how was Tank wearing a service animal vest while flying?

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There are various reasons why Tank would have been able to wear one of these vests without being a certified service animal. This includes how Sweeney may want her too as it would cause other passengers to more easily accept a dog on a flight. Policies on wearing these vests vary from airline to airline. However, it is generally not allowed for an animal to wear a service vest without actually being certified to do so.

Therefore, it’s possible that Tank has been designated “an emotional support animal” to Sweeney as opposed to a “service animal” whose purpose is to serve someone with a disability. Either way, having Tank wear this vest clearly allows Sydney Sweeney to travel hassle-free with her dog.

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