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Home CELEBTRITY DOGS Home-Based Seller Offers Punny 'Bark Zhang' For Dogs & Pet … – 8 Days

Home-Based Seller Offers Punny 'Bark Zhang' For Dogs & Pet … – 8 Days

by Bella Woof

We are all familiar with bak chang, but have you heard of bark zhang? That is leaf-wrapped dumplings… made for canines. Turns out, even pooches can enjoy the traditional Dragon Boat Festival treat, which is offered by home-based biz Somedays & Co. It also sells interesting seasonal food for furkids, like Mao Shan Wang cakes and mooncakes.

While bak chang for humans has glutinous rice stuffed with savoury goodies like pork belly, mushrooms and salted egg yolk, bark zhang is quite different. The doggo version doesn’t have glutinous rice, and is instead made with minced pork, quail eggs and other animal-friendly ingredients like pumpkin seeds and carrots.

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Beauty salon owner Mabel Ang, 39, started her dog treat sideline in Dec 2019. She tells that the brand was “born out of passion and commitment to make pet treats, because dogs are family”. She shares that dogs are extra special to her, as she met her husband while dog-walking. The couple now owns two dogs, a toy poodle named Monkey and a mini schnauzer called Pepper.

someday co owner

Mabel currently runs her salon full-time, so selling pet food is a side hustle for her. While her products are mainly made for dogs, customers can request for cat treats as well.

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