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Failing to research, train, provide stimulation

by Bella Woof
The happy pitbull terrier is wearing a purple collar.  The most common adoption mistakes new dog owners make: not researching and training, underestimating costs, and neglecting stimulation.
The most common adoption mistakes new dog owners make: not researching and training, underestimating costs, and neglecting stimulation.

A new pet is a super exciting change, a considerable responsibility, and a lifetime commitment. While you may not think there is a mistaken way to go through the adoption process, some serious mistakes can be made and it is in your best interest to avoid them.

If you want to make sure you don’t have any regrets in the future, take note of the most common adoption mistakes new owners make when adopting their first (or fifth!) puppy.

Not researching or planning ahead

Planning and research are not steps that should be applied only to the purchase of a house or a car; You should also do your research on your new pet; not doing so is a common adoption mistake

. All dog breeds are a little different in terms of their needs and temperament, and you’ll need to make sure your lifestyle aligns with their care.

In addition to doing your research, it would be best to plan for the arrival of the newcomer by purchasing the essential items you need and protecting your home from pups by hiding loose wires and installing an electric pet fence to keep your pup safe.

Underestimating financial commitment

Another critical factor is money. Many people make the common adoption mistake of jumping into the adoption process without fully understanding how much it costs to own a pet.

There’s a lot more to consider than adoption fees and buying dog food every week. Your pup will be expensive from the start: vet checks and shots, neutering, and buying all the essentials like feeders, beds, and toys.

However, things do not stop there. You’ll need to consider current medical bills, pet insurance, food, treats, grooming supplies, and more!

Ignore training and socialization.

Many new dog owners are unaware of how necessary it is to train and socialize a puppy. Training them while they are young will help you solidify habits and behaviors early on. Remember the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”

Be sure to dedicate time to training every day. Train your pup to listen, potty train him, and guide his behavior around other dogs and people.

Getting him used to socializing will make life much easier later on when your dog knows the right way to behave around guests. Taking this step early on will make you thank yourself in three years!

neglect stimulation

You may go for a walk every morning and every night, but your dog needs brain training too! Not mentally challenging your dog is a common adoption mistake.

Puppies and dogs of all ages need mental stimulation along with their daily physical activity, and it’s your responsibility to make sure they get it.

Mental stimulation for dogs can come in many forms. You could enroll them in puppy classes, participate in a house training session, or perhaps buy some toys that allow them to use their heads, like a treat trapped inside a ball.

However, not every day has to be like this. Sometimes simply interacting with your pup and spending time with him will be enough.

Avoid adoption mistakes

There are some common adoption mistakes new pet owners make that can be avoided with a little research and planning ahead.

Some of these mistakes include underestimating financial commitment, ignoring training and socialization, and neglecting stimulation.

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