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Companionship For Seniors – Alliance of Therapy Dogs Inc.

by Bella Woof

Visits to retirement homes, from therapy dogs, have become increasingly popular as it has become obvious that dogs are an excellent source of companionship for seniors.

They don’t judge, they don’t scold, and instead, they offer unconditional love and kindness. 

And after all, isn’t a dog man’s best friend?

Companionship for Seniors In Retirement Homes

Therapy dogs are special animals that have the power to make a difference in retirement homes and long-term care facilities. Some residents may be isolated from their loved ones, or are experiencing feelings of sadness and grief. Therapy dogs can provide companionship for seniors during these tough times and have profound effects on their mental well-being. Having a dog happily wag its tail is a welcome sight for many senior residents. It is also a great way to mix up their daily routine and help decrease boredom. Petting a therapy dog or having a therapy dog sniff their fingers, can reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

Some residents may be former dog owners or avid animal lovers and may interact closely with the dog, while others will appreciate the presence of a dog from a nearby seat. It’s important to remember that each resident in a retirement home or long-term care facility has different capabilities with mobility and cognitive functioning.

Not only can therapy dogs provide companionship for seniors, but they can also be beneficial to the staff. They can help boost their mood and bring a smile to their face. Dogs also make a terrific icebreaker and ease tension. 

Our Therapy Dogs

At Alliance of Therapy Dogs, we make sure our certified dogs undergo a handling assessment and three observations to be better prepared to handle engaging engage with senior citizens and their mobility aids (such as wheelchairs and wheeled walkers). Our therapy dog teams are also covered by insurance in the unlikely event someone gets hurt.  We also check to confirm if the dogs are up to date on vaccinations, so they will be healthy enough to visit.

Therapy Dogs In a Retirement Home Near You

Are you a resident’s family member or a retirement home employee interested in having therapy dogs visit a nursing home near you? Or are you wanting to learn more about our therapy dog work? Contact our ATD office for more information. We’d be happy to be part of a pawsitive partnership!

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