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Watch This Senior Shih Tzu Get a Makeover Before Meeting Adopters

by Bella Woof

It’s an unfortunate truth that unkempt shelter dogs are often overlooked by potential adopters. Like Max, a stray white-and-tan Shih Tzu who was found on the streets of Anaheim, California, with overgrown, gray-tinged fur. His rescuers believe he must have been lost or left behind by his family, because he trusted people and had a warmth toward humans many homeless animals don’t.

Although older dogs, especially ones who are a bit of a mess, typically don’t fare well when it comes to adoption, Max had the folks at Hollywood Rescue Grooming on his side. The nonprofit organization rolled up to his shelter with four vans and five groomers to makeover animals and help find them new homes.

As seen in this two-minute video, Max’s new best pal gives him a big hug and a kiss before getting to work. In her tricked-out trailer, the groomer shaves, trims, clips, and brushes the pup. After sudsing up, Max even gets a gentle blow dry and a dapper tie for good measure.

Not long after his primping, Max was adopted from OC Animal Care. In fact, the Hollywood Rescue Grooming team worked to doll-up a whopping 56 dogs that same day, all of whom have been adopted since their makeovers.

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