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In “Hairy,” Grace Chon Captures the Magic of Japanese Dog Grooming

by Bella Woof

In the mood for some super slick and very vibrant dog makeover pictures? You’re in luck, as photographer Grace Chon‘s new Hairy project takes dogs who have grown their hair out and treats them to a little something called “the magic of Japanese dog grooming.”

Let’s check out these eye-catching canine transformations.

Explaining the process

Image via thegracechon Instagram.

What’s Japanese dog grooming, you might be wondering? Well, apparently it’s a style that “throws the rules of regular dog grooming out the window” in favor of the eye-candy science of “making the dogs look as adorable as possible.” You can check out the process in action with these before and after snaps of the scampish Teddy, pictured above.

With a little help from my friends

Image via thegracechon Instagram.

For the Hairy photo project, Grace teamed up with the grooming masters at Healthy Spot in Los Angeles. Here we’ve got a couple of portraits of Athena, who’s now sporting a hairdo that’s like a wave of futuristic cotton candy. She’s a trendsetter, for sure.

Going behind the curtain

Image via thegracechon Instagram.

The behind-the-scenes shot above shows one of the Healthy Spot groomers at work. According to Grace, the dogs involved in the Hairy project “participate in grooming competitions a lot and are so calm and patient! The groomers chose dogs for the shoot that would enjoy being groomed and photographed for the series.”

Now let’s meet Raider

Image via thegracechon Instagram.

Next up, let’s profile some of the standout makeover pooches. First, we’ll shine the spotlight on Raider. This canine might have perfected a grumpy old man’s facial expression, but he’s definitely an altogether slicker looking curmudgeon in his makeover picture, right?

Here’s Rocco

Image via thegracechon Instagram.

Rocco, on the other hand, has been turned into something akin to the Miley Cyrus of dogs. The tongue-out pose is a given.

It’s all about Yuki

Image via thegracechon Instagram.

Yuki was the very first dog to experience a Hairy makeover session. As Grace enthused in the caption to this pup’s two photos, “Yes, this is the same dog as the previous post!”

Say hi to Biggie Smalls

Image via thegracechon Instagram.

There’s a lot going on in this particular makeover. First up, we have a canine who’s been named after one of the aliases of the late rapper The Notorious BIG. In this case, Biggie Smalls has also been turned into what looks almost scarily like a plush toy dog.

Don’t forget Nala

Image via thegracechon Instagram.

Finally we arrive at Nala, the last subject of Grace’s Hairy photo project. Why, it’s almost as if her fancy new ‘do has made her look a good few years younger and a whole lot leaner. She also somewhat now resembles Liz Lemon from 30 Rock. Well, if you squint a little.

Check out more of Grace’s Hairy project over at her Instagram feed and website.

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