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A Comprehensive Look into the World of Dog Boarding and What You Need to Know

by Bella Woof

As a pet owner, there may come a time when you need to leave your furry friend behind for an extended period of time. Whether it’s a vacation, a business trip, or a family emergency, it can be a stressful experience trying to find the right care for your dog while you are away. One option to consider is dog boarding. In this article, we will take a comprehensive look into the world of dog boarding and what you need to know.

What is Dog Boarding?

Dog boarding is the practice of leaving your dog in the care of someone else while you are away. This can be done at a professional boarding facility, a friend or family member’s home, or even a pet sitter who comes to your home. The purpose of dog boarding is to provide your pet with the necessary care and attention they need while you are unavailable.

Types of Dog Boarding

There are several types of dog boarding options available to pet owners. The most common include:

Kennels: These are facilities specifically designed for dog boarding. They typically feature individual kennels or runs where each dog can sleep, eat, and play. Kennels may also have indoor and outdoor exercise areas, as well as trained staff who can provide your dog with attention and care.

In-Home Boarding: This option involves leaving your dog with a family or individual who will care for them in their own home. Your dog will have access to a comfortable living space, as well as food, water, exercise, and companionship. This type of boarding can be ideal for dogs who may not do well in a kennel environment.

Pet Sitters: If you prefer to have someone come to your home and care for your dog, a pet sitter may be the right choice for you. These individuals are trained to provide daily visits to your home to feed, water, and exercise your dog while you are away.

What to Look for in a Dog Boarding Facility

Choosing a dog boarding facility can be a difficult decision. After all, you want to ensure your beloved pet is in good hands while you are away. Here are some things to consider when selecting a boarding facility:

Cleanliness: Look for a facility that is clean and well-maintained. The kennels or runs should be clean, and the exercise areas should be free of debris and feces.

Staffing: Make sure the facility has trained staff members who are knowledgeable about dog care. They should be able to provide your pet with the necessary attention and care they need.

Safety: Check to see if the facility has proper security measures in place to ensure the safety of your pet. This may include fencing, surveillance cameras, and trained staff members.

Exercise: Look for a facility that offers plenty of exercise opportunities for your pet. This may include indoor and outdoor play areas, as well as daily walks or runs.

Veterinary Care: Make sure the facility has access to veterinary care in case of an emergency. The staff should be trained to recognize signs of illness or injury and seek medical attention when necessary.

What to Pack for Your Dog’s Boarding Stay

When you drop your dog off at a boarding facility, you will need to bring some essentials to ensure their stay is as comfortable as possible. Here are some items to consider packing:

Food: Bring enough of your dog’s regular food to last the duration of their stay. Some facilities may provide food, but it’s best to bring your own to prevent stomach upset.

Water and Bowls: Your dog will need access to fresh water at all times. Bring a water bottle or jug, as well as a bowl for your pet to drink from.

Bedding: Bring a familiar blanket or bed for your dog to sleep on. This will help them feel more comfortable and at home.

Toys: Bring a few toys for your dog to play with while they are at the boarding facility.

Medications: If your dog is on any medications, be sure to bring them along with clear instructions for administering them.


Dog boarding can be a great option for pet owners who are unable to care for their pet while they are away. By choosing a reputable facility and packing all of the essentials, you can ensure your dog has a safe and comfortable stay while you are gone. Just be sure to research your options and choose a boarding facility that meets your pet’s needs and provides the care and attention they deserve.

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