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Pawsitively Refreshing: Frosty Treats to Keep Your Dog Cool this Summer

by Bella Woof
Dog Summer

Pawsitively Refreshing: Frosty Treats to Keep Your Dog Cool this Summer

As the temperature rises and the days get longer, it’s important to find creative ways to keep our furry friends cool and comfortable during the scorching summer months. Just like us, dogs can become overheated and dehydrated, which can be dangerous for their health. One of the best ways to beat the heat is to treat your dog to some delicious and refreshing frozen treats that will help them keep their cool. In this article, we will explore a variety of frosty treats that are not only tasty but also beneficial for your dog’s well-being.

Frozen dog treats are a fantastic way to provide relief to your canine companion on hot summer days. Not only do these treats help lower their body temperature, but they also serve as a delightful way to keep your dog entertained. Offering your dog a frosty treat can alleviate summer boredom and prevent destructive behavior that may arise as a result of being cooped up inside the house due to the heat.

To ensure that the frozen treats you provide for your dog are not only enjoyable but healthy as well, it’s essential to use fresh and dog-friendly ingredients. Avoid using any harmful additives or ingredients that can be toxic to dogs. Always consult your veterinarian if you have any concerns or questions about specific ingredients or potential allergies your dog may have.

Here are a few pawsitively refreshing frozen treats that will keep your dog cool and satisfied this summer:

1. Frozen Yogurt Popsicles:Dog Cool this Summer

Yogurt is a natural source of probiotics and digestive enzymes that can benefit your dog’s overall health. All you need to create these yummy popsicles are some dog-safe yogurt and a mold. Freezing plain or flavored yogurt into popsicle molds provides a delightful, nutritious, and cooling snack for your dog. You can even add some dog-friendly fruits such as bananas or blueberries for an additional burst of flavor.

2. Watermelon Ice Cubes:

Watermelon is not only a tasty fruit but also a fantastic hydrating agent for dogs. Slice up some juicy watermelon and turn them into bite-sized ice cubes for your furry friend. The natural sweetness of watermelon combined with the cooling effect of the ice makes for a refreshing and healthy summertime treat.

3. Frozen Kong:

Kong toys are popular among dog owners as they provide mental stimulation and help alleviate boredom. By filling a Kong toy with peanut butter (make sure it is xylitol-free, as xylitol is toxic to dogs), freezing it, and giving it to your dog, you create a long-lasting and refreshing treat. As your dog licks and chews on the frozen Kong, they will be entertained and cooled down simultaneously.

4. Frozen Turkey Pupsicles:

For a protein-packed and refreshing treat, try making frozen turkey pupsicles for your dog. Start by boiling turkey meat until fully cooked, then shred it into small, bite-sized pieces. Mix the shredded turkey with low sodium chicken broth and freeze the mixture into ice cube trays or silicone molds. Not only will these pupsicles help cool your dog down, but turkey is also a lean and healthy protein source.

5. Frozen Fruit Smoothie:

If your dog enjoys fruity flavors, a frozen fruit smoothie can be just the thing to help them chill out on a hot day. Blend together dog-friendly fruits like bananas, mangoes, and berries with a little bit of water or coconut water to create a refreshing and hydrating smoothie. Pour the smoothie into molds or ice cube trays and pop them in the freezer. Your dog will love this sweet and healthy frozen treat.


Q: Can I use any type of yogurt for the frozen yogurt popsicles?

It’s best to use plain, unsweetened yogurt without any additives or artificial sweeteners. Avoid using yogurt with xylitol, as it can be toxic to dogs. Greek yogurt or lactose-free yogurt can also be used as an alternative.

Q: Can I give my dog ice cubes to cool them down?

Yes, ice cubes can help cool down your dog, especially when they are panting excessively. However, it’s important to monitor your dog and ensure they don’t choke on the ice cubes. If your dog tends to gulp down ice cubes without chewing, it’s better to use larger and rounded ice cubes rather than small ones.

Q: Are there any fruits I should avoid using in the frozen treats?

Some fruits and berries can be toxic to dogs. Avoid using grapes, raisins, cherries, and any citrus fruits. Always research and make sure the fruits you are using are safe for dogs, and consult your veterinarian if you have any doubts.

Q: Can I use chicken broth for all frozen treats?

While chicken broth can be used in frozen treats, make sure to use low-sodium or homemade broth without any added spices or onion, as these can be harmful to dogs. Stick to simple, dog-friendly ingredients to avoid any digestive issues or potential toxic reactions.

Q: How often can I give my dog these frozen treats?

Frozen treats should be given in moderation as part of a balanced diet. While they are excellent for occasional summer indulgence and as a way to cool down, they should not replace your dog’s regular meals. Always consider your dog’s overall diet and consult your veterinarian for advice on appropriate treat frequency.

By treating your dog to these pawsitively refreshing frozen delights, you are not only providing them with relief from the summer heat but also ensuring they have a fun and enjoyable summer. Remember to always keep an eye on your dog while they are enjoying frozen treats to prevent any accidents or choking hazards. Stay cool and have a blast this summer with your furry best friend!

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